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I was at Walmart today for a few thins, and in the middle of the store I realized that three-quarters of the stuff I was getting could be purchased at the dollar store for even less than Walmart. The quality, would be just as good too. So I made a choice and left my cart at the store and headed out. I will be heading to the dollar store tomorrow again, at my lunch hour, some kid free time and work free time during the day, the back to the office.

I just love your blog.

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I recently launched my own blog at citygirlsavings. We are already up and running and would love it if you checked us out sometime! Keep up the amazing work! Great points Kayln. I like your shameless plug! I also completely agree that you must keep learning. I am starting from zero at Just trying to stay in my tiny little house at this point.

No money or credit rating left to move. However, I will never be able to retire,not because I live extravagantly, but because I only have a finite number of years left to work. My budget leaves me a month for anything other than shelter, trans, housing. Any advice on that? Good luck Angie. You are blessed to have an income producing job! I will.

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I am usually the only one over 25 at the rare interview I get called for when they look at education amd experience instead of the dates. I am now taking a class called. I fear for the future for me,and worry on my kids behalf for theirs. I wish you the best! Praying for you. I absolutely LOVE this article!

4 Ways to Think Like a Millionaire

To me, it ultimately comes down to the first and last points, setting goals, and believing in your success! If you have a clear financial goal in mind, and you believe you can reach it, the rest will fall into place. Everything you do will have you thinking about your goal if you truly believe in it , and you will make all the right decisions to help you get there!

This is all so true. Very nicely written post! However, I will never be able to retire,not because I live extravagantly.

It is in reality a great and useful piece of information. I am satisfied that you simply shared this useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing. If you have a job, find a way to create extra income on the side. Just focus on creating one. However, the best type of income is passive. Millionaires focus on creating passive income.

How to Become a Millionaire in 6 Steps:

They make money while they sleep, literally. There are two types of income: passive income and active income. Active income is where you are the main reason for the income. You doing a job is active income. Passive income is when you basically do nothing, yet money rolls in. Everyone loves to say that they wish they had more time.

The funny thing is: we all have the same 24 hours in a day. If you want more time, wake up earlier, stop spending time watching your Netflix or sports, stop sleeping in, stop saying yes to everybody, stop going out, stop procrastinating, and numerous other excuses. Millionaires plan their day the night before. They wake up before everyone else to get stuff done distraction-free. Do you think they spend hours on social media and seeing how others are also wasting their life?

I have an allotted time a day to implement my social media strategy on my accounts, but I am not uselessly scrolling. Average people try to spend their time working on what they are weak at. Instead, millionaires focus on their strengths and hire someone to make up for their weaknesses. I suck at coding and have no interest in it, but I have a good friend who is the opposite. So I pay him a small amount to help me, and I save a huge amount of time on not having to learn.

How To Think Like A Millionaire

Except for essential things like your health, relationships, and parenthood, always leverage your strengths and forget the weaknesses. You need to develop strength and remove weakness in your health and relationships. Just saying you want to be rich is not a goal.

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Live Like a Millionaire

Now, start implementing a plan that will get you there. Millionaires always have plans for their goals. Having the plan to meet a goal is essential to creating wealth. I have a well-detailed plan to becoming a millionaire by The plan is so specific that it goes like this: I have a daily plan and goal, weekly plan and goal, monthly plan and goal, quarter plan and goal, 6-month plan and goal, a yearly plan and goal, 3-year plan and goal, 5-year plan and goal, and then a year plan and goal. It kills me when I miss a day because that means I am a day behind.

They say you can be either one or the other, but you can actually be both. No matter where you go, never forget where you were. However, you need to be confident. Many people mix this up with arrogance. You need the confidence to reach a million and keep going. Richard Branson , a billionaire, said the number one most important way to become successful is by exercising.

I realized how true this was when I really started to care about my health about months ago.

I have always been slightly above average in my health, but now that I took it to the next level, life is good. Strive to conquer your health so you can conquer your life. I believe that the one thing you have almost total control over is your health.