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Physical Review Letters. Bibcode : PhRvL. Retrieved 9 October Bibcode : PhLB.. Retrieved 8 January What they really care about is the Higgs field , because it is so important. Beyond the God Particle. Prometheus Books.

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The Guardian. Retrieved 24 June National Post. Retrieved 3 November University Science Books. World Scientific. The Higgs Hunter's Guide 1st ed. Retrieved 13 November The Higgs field: so important it merited an entire experimental facility, the Large Hadron Collider, dedicated to understanding it. But we need to know if it's the Higgs".

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New Scientist. Retrieved 9 January But when pressed by journalists afterwards on what exactly 'it' was, things got more complicated. What would be enough evidence to call it a Higgs boson? Science News.

Retrieved 9 December In terms usually reserved for athletic achievements, news reports described the finding as a monumental milestone in the history of science. Physicists still hesitate to call it that before they have determined that its properties fit with those the Higgs theory predicts the Higgs boson has. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved 15 March The Huffington Post. Archived from the original on 17 March Retrieved 14 March Lederman; Dick Teresi Houghton Mifflin Company.

CMS Public Website. Retrieved 18 July Concepts of Mass in Contemporary Physics and Philosophy. Retrieved 1 March Turner; F. Wilczek Bibcode : Natur. Coleman; F. De Luccia Physical Review. D21 12 : — Bibcode : PhRvD.. Stone Frampton Bibcode : PhRvL.. D15 10 : — David Adams; Todd Eastham eds. Huffington Post. Retrieved 21 February Science World Report. Bibcode : JHEP Higgs-like particle suggests it might". NBC News' Cosmic log. The good news? It'll probably be tens of billions of years. The article quotes Fermilab 's Joseph Lykken: "[T]he parameters for our universe, including the Higgs [and top quark's masses] suggest that we're just at the edge of stability, in a "metastable" state.

Physicists have been contemplating such a possibility for more than 30 years. Back in , physicists Michael Turner and Frank Wilczek wrote in Nature that "without warning, a bubble of true vacuum could nucleate somewhere in the universe and move outwards The Two-Way. Article cites Fermilab 's Joseph Lykken: "The bubble forms through an unlikely quantum fluctuation, at a random time and place," Lykken tells us.


Los Angeles Times. Retrieved 17 January For example, something like the Higgs—if not exactly the Higgs itself—may be behind many other unexplained "broken symmetries" in the universe as well In fact, something very much like the Higgs may have been behind the collapse of the symmetry that led to the Big Bang, which created the universe. When the forces first began to separate from their primordial sameness—taking on the distinct characters they have today—they released energy in the same way as water releases energy when it turns to ice. Except in this case, the freezing packed enough energy to blow up the universe.

However it happened, the moral is clear: Only when the perfection shatters can everything else be born. Penguin Group US. Retrieved 12 November Bibcode : PhRv.. Bibcode : SchpJ Archived from the original on 13 January London: Kings College. Archived from the original PDF on 4 November The original paper may be found in: Higgs, Peter In Michael J.

Liu eds. Physics Letters. Bibcode : PhL You cannot have a preferred unit time-like vector like that. Guralnik Modern Physics Letters A. Bibcode : MPLA Broken Symmetries and the Goldstone Theorem. Advances in Physics, vol. Weinberg Salam Svartholm ed. Eighth Nobel Symposium.

Stockholm: Almquvist and Wiksell. Glashow Nuclear Physics. Bibcode : NucPh..

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The Nobel Prize. Archived from the original PDF on 25 July Retrieved 22 January I had a parallel personal experience: I took a one-year course on weak interactions from Shelly Glashow in , and he never even mentioned the Weinberg—Salam model or his own contributions. Bibcode : Sci Sakurai Prize for Theoretical Particle Physics". Nature Magazine. Retrieved 28 December Oxford: Oxford University Press.

International Journal of Modern Physics A. Journal of High Energy Physics. LHC Machine Outreach. Retrieved 26 July NBC News. Retrieved 19 January Retrieved 14 November November It now links thousands of computers and storage systems in over centres across 41 countries. Yao; et al. Journal of Physics G.

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Bibcode : JPhG Retrieved 28 September CERN Bulletin Retrieved 7 December ATLAS homepage. Retrieved 13 December CMS public website. The New York Times. Retrieved 5 March Retrieved 14 September As of today what we see is consistent either with a background fluctuation or with the presence of the boson. Archived from the original on 10 November Retrieved 29 October The European Physical Journal C. Bibcode : EPJC Retrieved 4 July Retrieved 6 February For the first time scientists have been able to analyse the dynamics of social media on a global scale before, during and after the announcement of a major scientific discovery.

De Domenico, M.


Scientific Reports. Bibcode : NatSR Times LIVE. Daily Mail. Particle Data Group. Retrieved 15 August Retrieved 29 August Archived from the original on 1 May Retrieved 15 November Matt Strassler's personal particle physics website. Retrieved 10 January We will not know after today whether it is a Higgs at all, whether it is a Standard Model Higgs or not, or whether any particular speculative idea We discovered the top quark in , and we are still learning about its properties today The Sydney Morning Herald. Retrieved 20 February Rolf Heuer, director of [CERN], said he is confident that "towards the middle of the year, we will be there.

Retrieved 7 March CMS collaboration Retrieved 24 April ATLAS collaboration. Retrieved 30 August Atlas Press release. Retrieved 28 August CMS Collaboration 24 August The Higgs Hunter's Guide illustrated, reprint ed. Westview Press. People initially thought of tachyons as particles travelling faster than the speed of light But we now know that a tachyon indicates an instability in a theory that contains it.

Space Odyssey: Shattering Fates

Regrettably for science fiction fans, tachyons are not real physical particles that appear in nature. High Energy Phys.

Retrieved 10 July Retrieved 6 July Lectures on LHC Physics. Lecture Notes in Physics. Bibcode : LNP Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Bibcode : JPhCS. Life and Physics. London: The Guardian.