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Damit beginnt eine unglaubliche Odyssee voller Abenteuer, Gefahren und geheimnisvoller Begegnungen Abbitte Dauer: ; Genre: Drama; Gekauft: Tracklisting: 1. Rock N Roll Train 2. Back In Black 4.

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Big Jack 5. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 6. Shot Down In Flames 7. Thunderstruck 8. Black Ice 9. The Jack Hells Bells Shoot To Thrill War Machine Dog Eat Dog Whole Lotta Rosie Let There Be Rock Highway To Hell Accountant Dauer: ; Genre: Crime; Gekauft: Die Steuerfahndungsabteilung des Finanzministeriums kommt ihm auf die Spur — deshalb akzeptiert Christian den Auftrag einer legalen Robotik-Firma.

When young dockworker Jude Jim Sturgess leaves Liverpool to find his estranged father in America, he is swept up by the waves of change that are re-shaping the nation. As the body count in Vietnam rises, political tensions at home spiral out of control and the star-crossed lovers find themselves in a psychedelic world gone mad. Racing to uncover the secrets of a sunken ship that may hold a vast fortune — but also an ancient curse — Tintin and his loyal dog Snowy embark on an action-packed journey around the world that critics are calling "simply magical — an animated Indiana Jones".

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Agenten sterben einsam Dauer: ; Genre: War; Gekauft: Den General befreien. It's the high-flying lunacy of Airplane! Can Hays save the day again — without caffeine? Robert Hays and Julie Hagerty join panicky passengers, inept ground controllers and an inflatable auto-pilot named " Otto ," of course! Surely, you won't find a funnier film on Blu-ray. And don't call me Shirley! It's the "Don't Call Me Shirley!

Airplane II: The Sequel There's a mad bomber on board, the first lunar shuttle is about to self-destruct, the engines are not working and — worst of all — the flight crew discovers they are completely out of coffee! Airport Dauer: ; Genre: Disaster; Gekauft: The quest begins with the original Airport , nominated for 10 Academy Awards including Best Picture, which launched the popular s disaster film genre and became a box office smash.

In Airport , a mid-air collision leaves a without a pilot and little hope for survival. The tension continues in Airport '77 when a is trapped underwater in the Bermuda Triangle and it's a race against time to save the passengers and crew. In The Concorde: Airport '79 , at twice the speed of sound, the Concorde must evade a vicious attack by a traitorous arms smuggler. Airport '75 Dauer: ; Genre: Disaster; Gekauft: Airport '77 Dauer: ; Genre: Disaster; Gekauft: Airport '79 Dauer: ; Genre: Disaster; Gekauft: Akte Dauer: ; Genre: Crime; Gekauft: Und das gelingt ihm leider viel zu oft.

Ich soll Ihnen bei Ihrer Arbeit helfen. Was haben Sie ausgefressen, dass man Sie hierher strafversetzt hat? Pilot 2. Deep Throat 3. Squeeze 4. Conduit 5. The Jersey Devil 6. Shadows 7. Ghost in the Machine 8.

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Ice 9. Space Fallen Angel Eve Fire Beyond the Sea Genderbender Lazarus Young at Heart Miracle Man Shapes Darkness Falls Tooms Born Again Roland The Erlenmeyer Flask. Ironischerweise ist es Scully, die die Begegnung hat, welche Mulder sich so sehr erhofft hatte. Little Green Men 2. The Host 3.

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Adventurous: 1,000 Dates #2

The List 6. The Walk 8. Oubliette 9. Nisei Revelations War of the Coprophages Syzygy Grotesque Piper Maru Apocrypha Pusher Teso Dos Bichos Hell Money Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space' Avatar Quagmire Wetwired Talitha Cumi.

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Gleichzeitig wird Mulder in einem russischen Zwangsarbeitslager gefangen gehalten. Herrenvolk 2. Home 3. Teliko 4. Unruhe 5. The Field Where I Died 6. Sanguinarium 7. Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man 8. Tunguska 9.

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